About Us

Oh Me Oh Mama is made for Mamas by Mamas. 

We create beautiful gifts for all new, expecting and breastfeeding mothers. Set up in 2015 by a new mama wanting to provide new mothers with products to help them on their new journey into motherhood.

Our ever changing post-pregnancy body needed things we didn't even know existed and were quite difficult to get our hands on, especially products that were the right price and right fit. They say breast feeding is one of the most rewarding things you can do for you and your baby, but it certainly isn't for the faint hearted and we found out the hard way!

The products found within Oh Me Oh Mama’s Gift Boxes have come tried, tested and recommended by mamas all over the world to ease you into those first few weeks as a new mama. We are always looking for new products to share with our yummy mummy community so please enjoy, share the love and your suggestions with us.

Feel free to message us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or better yet you can email us direct via hello@ohmeohmama.com

Disclaimer: Oh Me Oh Mama are not doctors, just a collection of new mamas sharing their advice and experiences. You are responsible for your own decisions and use of the information found on this website and Oh Me Oh Mama Gift Boxes. If you are in doubt or have concerns about breastfeeding please consult your local doctor, midwife, health visitor or call the NCT (National Childcare Trust) helpline on 0300 330 0700 where feeding counsellors will be able to offer you relevant information and suggestions.