When Does Being a New Mum Stop Being So 'New'?

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”

― Eda J. LeShan

Someone asked me the other day how old my baby girl is. ’15 months’  I stumbled, unable to grasp how quickly the months were flying by. A new mum though? Really? 15 months down the line and that’s still my answer? Surely I was getting on a bit in terms of mumming it to still be calling myself a new mum? In my head, it still feels like only yesterday she was being carried out of the hospital in the bright pink car seat that enveloped her tiny little frame.

Truth be known, the answer to that question got me thinking that maybe I’m not so much a ‘new’ mum anymore, even though I’m still pretty ‘new’ to everything that’s happening to my little family at the moment. This thought literally stopped me in my tracks. I wished time would rewind to the second my daughter was laid on my chest, skin to skin, face to face as I took every part of her in and thought about being nothing else but her mama.

I mean, how long realistically can I call myself a new mum? I’ve never been one before, I don’t have a handbook and I’m still learning daily, hourly even!

I guess as far as mumming it goes, I’ll still be a ‘new’ mum 16 years down the line, facing all the challenges, tantrums and experiences that having a baby (child or teen) can bring. Between you and me, I’ll do anything to grasp onto that new mum feeling for as long as possible. Back when the world was much simpler. Smaller, even, and consisted of just baby and me.

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